Tanya By Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz 2nd Sec. Chap. 7 ACHDUS HASHEM - THE ONENESS OF G-D

  • A New Tanya class By Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz Tanya Shar HaYichud Veemunah Chapter 7 Chapter 7 ACHDUS HASHEM - THE ONENESS OF G-D Part 1 Yichud Ilah & Tatah "Zohar" Shema Yisroel - Echad- Yichud Ilah Baruch Shem -Vaed- Yichud Tatah Chilufei Asvin - creates Yichud Tatah Tzimzum was that there can be the revelation of the midah of Malchus the name of Hashem for the midah is Adnus Adon Kol Haaretz that creates Time & Space. Shem Havya is the infinite part of G-D when Adnus recognizes Havaya that is Yichud Ilah When Havyah shines in Adnus that is Yichud tatah Malchus accomplishes that the world should not become nullified. Part 2 Ani Hashem lo shanisi As Hashem is Achdus Pashut as it's all Hashem. We can't comprehend this We can believe with faith in the oneness Part 3 Tzimzum not literally As to humans to create Tzimzum we need to diminish not so with Hashem. Hashem is everything & everywhere as the Zohar says "les asar punii menei not up high & not down below" "He can reach everything & we can't" Even though Hashem is every where he is not affected by anything. Hashem created many Tzimzum 10 utterances Exchange of letters Numerical value Example stone i.e. Domem is made up of Alef one name & ban another name 52 name of Hashem that gives it life. Main Point Achdus Hashem On one hand the worlds essence is butil to Hashem tzimzum not kipshuto On the other hand it has its own identity And is botul High level of bitul as infinite light Personal bitul as memale Live Tanya Class at Chabad Thursday Evening at 6:30P.M. A Project of Chabad Lubavitch of Southwest Florida 5620 Winkler Road Fort Myers, FL 33919 239-433-7708 www.Chabadswf.org Rabbi@chabadswf.org A Special thanks to David Perez for Video Taping the Class
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