Tanya By Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz Sec 3 Chap. 3 - Charity Atones for Sins

  • A New Tanya class By Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz Tanya Igeret Hatshuva Chapter 3 Charity Atones for Sins Teshuva is resolving not to Sin. Fasting is not necessary for Teshuva it’s necessary to be Leratzon as sacrifices in times of the Bet Hamikdash How many fasts? 1 opinion as equal to the amount of sins. So if you sinned that requires 84 fasts you would need for example 10, 20 & continuously. Like a Sacrifice for a sin. 2nd opinion 1 fast like a Sacrifice of an Olah for omitting positive commandments. 3rd & accepted opinion is 3 times the amount of fasts needed for that sin. The reason? The Zohar says when one sins the first time it leaves a stain the second time it’s a stronger stain the third it spreads all over so there is power in 3 for good as well. Disclaimer. Fasting is only for very strong & healthy people. If you can’t fast & you fast your considered a sinner. Even though you have what to fast for. Your a double sinner if it will cause you not to be able to study torah. How do we create the Liratzon so the prophet Daniel says you can redeem your sins with charity which is a minimum of 18 x 3 gidulei polish & you can as much as you can. If you are able & want to you should fast the amount of fasts for the serious sins ones at least once they your life. You can do them in the winter & over a few years & the balance to equal 3 times you can do 2 half days per one whole day. Any additional you should redeem with charity. On the lighter sins & especially for not studying torah anger or lashon hara one should redeem with charity. Your charity bill might be huge? More than the 10 to 20 percent max so how can you give so much? Since your doing it to redeem your soul from fasting & pain it’s just like a physical illness that you would give what it takes with no limit. Therefore people today gives lots of charity as we are to weak to fast. as it says in Eicha Chasdei Hashem Ki Lo Tamnu since we are not complete we need G-Ds kindness & charity to heal us. Live Tanya Class at Chabad Thursday Evening at 6:30P.M. A Project of Chabad Lubavitch of Southwest Florida 5620 Winkler Road Fort Myers, FL 33919 239-433-7708 www.Chabadswf.org Rabbi@chabadswf.org A Special thanks to David Perez for Video Taping the Class
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