Michoel Pruzansky - Shootin’ For The Moon [Official Music Video] - מיכאל פרוזנסקי

  • Shootin’ For the Moon by Michoel Pruzansky We are proud to present the official music video for the title track off Michoel Pruzansky’s 5th studio album, Shootin’ for the Moon. Available wherever Jewish music is sold. Composed by: Elie Schwab Additional Composition by: Yochanan Shapiro and Michoel Pruzansky Lyrics by: Elie Schwab and Miriam Israeli Arranged by: Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry Additional Music and mix by: Eli Gertsner Produced by: Wheels To Lease Directed by: Mudeo Productions Video Concept: DatzMoe Productions Filming, Editing, and Post Production and VFX: Yissy Freeman yFilmz Additional Filming: Munch Media and Vision Cinema Productions Cast: Boss #1: Chezki Baum Employee: Ari Matatov Patient: Shlomo Shor Doctor: Yanky Engelberg Boss #2: Shloime Hershkop Guy leasing car: Nechemia Vogel Special Thanks: Shloime and Vivi Hershkop- Wheels to Lease Yanky Engelberg- Refuah Rehab Chaim Wielgus Chaim and Avrom Ahron Kornbluh - Bleu Fine Dining Yossi Gross Shlomo Kalchman Ari Baumann Lyrics: Looking up, standing on the ground, Me and my dreams, galaxies apart but I know, somewhere deep inside I’ve got the strength to get that far Climbing on, a ladder in the sky Though I’m not an angel maybe I can fly Pushing through, still another mile All I gotta do is try Chorus: I’m shootin for the moon tonight, I ride the waves at the speed of light I’ve set my goals, I made my mind And if I miss I’ll make it to the stars We’re gonna make it to the top I’m shootin for the moon tonight And if I miss I’ll make it to the stars Sending up, yet another prayer Father I know, you believe in me When its rough, and I’m feeling doubt You can raise me up above the clouds I can feel, the power of a dream Giving me wings, Taking me beyond All the pain, all the broken hopes I’m gonna keep holding on Bridge: Never gonna break apart, till I reach my destination Never gonna loose the spark in my soul Gonna be a shining light, gonna be an inspiration Never giving up the fight towards my goal - Connect with Michoel! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michoelpruzansky Twitter: https://twitter.com/PruzanskyMusic Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michoel.pruzansky Web: http://pruz.com/ For inquires & bookings contact: Phone: 718-819-5229 Email: info@pruz.com Purchases Michoel’s latest album, Shootin’ for the Moon: Nigun Music: https://www.nigunmusic.com/shootin-for-the-moon.html iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/shootin-for-the-moon/id1282440318
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