Ari Goldwag Lo Nafsik Lirkod [Official Video] ארי גולדוואג - לא נפסיק לרקוד קליפ רשמי

  • Ari Goldwag - Lo Nafsik Lirkod - Never Stop Dancing For bookings contact Get the album on iTunes: Get the album on Mostly Music: Ari Goldwag is back with another fun video - this time he and his friends are in for an adventure when some challenges arrive in their lives. The paths cross of four people who have all purchased a unique pair of shoes with unusual properties - helping the person to dance despite their challenges! The story climaxes at the Western Wall, where they find out that they can dance, even on their own. Video Credits: Produced by Ari Goldwag Written & Directed by Sarah Gordon Videography by Vann Visuals (Yirmi Vann) Special Effects - Irakli Zurabishvili Rotoscoping - Oleg Karpenko Actors: Rushing Man - Shmuel Eliwatt Car Fixer 1 - Yaakov Citron Ice Cream boy - Moishe Levy Newspaper dropper - Dr. Steven Rosenblatt Background Dancer 1 - Moshe Bell Background Dancer 2 - Binyomin Gordon Background Dancer 3 - Natan Iskowitz Background Dancer 4 - Daniel Treisman Waiting Mom - Miriam Eliwatt Son leaving - Chananya Eliwatt Ice cream sister - Rachel Levy Car fixer 2 - Binyomin Werner Additional dancer 1 - Elazar Treitel Additional dancer 2 - Elisha Meltz Girl buying shoes 1 - Tehilla Goldwag Girl buying shoes 2 - Naama Goldwag Studio scenes: Daniel Aloni Studio Family home: Frei Family Shoe Store: Carmit Shoes Thanks to the Kotel Heritage Center Thanks to Doron Kornbluth and Leib Chaim Krainess for helping with the video concept This song is dedicated by Arthur Shisman in memory of his grandfathers: פנחס בן יעקב אליהו בן אהרון Song Credits: Composed & Produced by Ari Goldwag & Yitzy Waldner Song Concept: Ari Goldwag Lyrics by Miriam Israeli Arrangements by Playmasters Studio לחן והפקה: ארי גולדווג ואיצי וולדנר קונספט: ארי גולדווג מילים: מירי ישראלי עיבוד: אולפני פליימאסטרס יחסי ציבור: תומר כהן מיתוג תקשורתי ויחסי ציבור | 0504652595. Lyrics: זה שיר שכל אחד יודע כל אחד שומע הוא הופך את כל הרע לטוב הוא נותן לנו הכח להמשיך לשמוח ולרקוד לא נפסיק לרקוד תרימו ת׳הרגליים השמיים הם הגבול עדיין לא נפסיק לרקוד יבוא מה שיבוא לא נפסיק לרקוד זה שיר שיש לו את הקצב אין בו את העצב זה ניגון ששר טוב להודות נעשה יחד לחיים נשלב ידיים ונרקוד Translation: This is a song that everyone knows That everyone is listening to It turns all the bad into good It gives us the strength To continue to rejoice and dance We will never stop dancing Pick up your feet The sky’s still the limit We will never stop dancing Come whatever comes We will never stop dancing This is a song that has the beat It doesn’t have any sadness This is a tune that sings, ‘It is good to give thanks’ Let’s make a L’chaim together And dance together arm in arm Transliteration: Zeh shir she'kol echad yode'a Kol echad shome'a Hu hofech et kol hara letov Hu noten lanu hako'ach Lehamshich lismo'ach Velirkod Lo nafsik lirkod Tarimu et hayadayim Hashamayim hem hagvul adayin Lo nafsik lirkod Yavo ma sheyavo lo nafsik lirkod Zeh shir sheyesh lo et haketsev Ain bo et ha'etsev Zeh nigun she'shar tov lehodot Na'aseh yachad lechaim Neshalev yadayim venirkod
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