Micha Gamerman feat. Elie Schwab

  • Brazilian superstar Micha Gamerman is back with the perfect new single to help you usher in the new year “Machar Yihiyeh Ha'ot Hazeh.” The song was composed by veteran composer Elie Schwab, who joins Micha on this song. The song features words from Megillas Esther as well as words from Shemois and the medrash. It is well known that the Megilla is a mashal to the Jewish people and Hashem. As a matter of fact, every time it says “Hamelech” in the Megilla it’s a reference to Hashem. That being the case, when Esther goes to Achashverosh to ask for him to save her people, it’s a mashal to Bnei Yisrael coming to Hashem and begging for their lives like we do each and every Rosh Hashana/Yom Kippur. The next words “Umachar E’eseh Kidvar Hamelech” is a “kabblah al ha’asid” of things to come. Meaning I am making a request of you Hashem, and I will do better in the future and that is the reason you should forgive me. The possuk in Shemois says that before Hashem took Bnei Yisrael out of Mitzrayim He said, “Machar Yihiyeh Ha'ot Hazeh” that tomorrow there will be a sign. The Ramban says there is a difference between an Ois (a sign) and Moifes (Miracle). An Ois or ‘Ot’ means something will happen. Since it’s a sure thing, it’s like it already began to happen. So on Erev Yom Kippur in slichos when we say “Machar Yihiyeh Ha'ot Hazeh”, we are telling Hashem that tomorrow (Yom Kippur) is going to be OUR Ois (sign) we are going to have this ‘kabblah al ha’asid” of things to come and we will change and be better. This means that there is a promise that will occur and we WILL be better. May we all have a year filled with Simcha, Parnassah, Hatzlacha, Nachas, Zivuggim and healthy children. This should be the year where we see the OIS (ot) of Moshiach. Amen CREDITS Composed by: Elie Schwab Arranged by: Daniel Gong - The Arche Mixed & Mastered by: Doni Gross - DEG Studios Graphic/Lyrical Video: Yossi Zweig - Intelligent Noise LLC Download Machar Yihiyeh Ha'ot Hazeh iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/machar-yihiyeh-haot-hazeh-feat-elie-schwab-single/1435236772 Lyrics: אם מצאתי חן בעיני המלך, ואם על המלך טוב, תנתן לי נפשי בשאלתי, ועמי בבקשתי. (אסתר ז:ג) יש לי מה שבקשת ממני כל הימים. (ע״י רש״י שם ה:ח) ומחר אעשה כדבר המלך. (אסתר שם) מחר יהיה האות הזה. (שמות ח:י״ט; סליחות עיו״כ; ועיי׳ רמב"ן דברים יג:ב) במה אקדם ואכף פני לא יקח שוחד ‎ובידי אין מעש ועל זאת לבי יפחד ‎אבל עתה בזכרי מלכות שם המיוחד ו‎על זאת אני בוטח באומרים ה׳ אחד (ע״י סליחות שם)
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