Shloime Kaufman-Hamelech Hamishpat MBD Cover

  • Shloime Kaufman is back with another ACAPELLA single: " Hamelech Hamishpat",המלך המשפט, to help everyone prepare for the upcoming ימים נוראים. After his successful Acapella release of Mordy Shapiro's hit song "LI" during this past ספירת העומר, it was apparent that many people needed a "musical conduit" to stir their spiritual emotions. However, as we all prepare for ימי הדין, there are very few musical tracks released that can properly elicit these feelings. Besides all of our heartfelt prayers, HASHEM wants our hearts’ and our souls’ devotion. Who better to strike those chords deep inside of us than the King of Jewish Soul- MBD – Mordechai Ben David? Originally recorded on his “Yerushalayim is Not for Sale” album, “B'Ain Mailitz Yosher”, written by Mordechai himself, is the quintessential composition. Shloime is proud to present his acapella version of this Yom Tov classic in the memory of Harav Zechariah Gelley zt'l, the beloved Rav of K’hal Adath Jeshurun (KAJ) in Washington Heights, New York. Rav Gelley zt’l was known for his commitment to teaching our Mesorah to the next generation, his unwavering love for his Kehila and above all his family. In practicing the lessons that Rav Gelley zt’l imparted, the family is asking everyone to please visit and make a donation to help support the amazing work of Oneg Shabbos v'Yom Tov and help feed the hungry of Eretz Yisroel. In this zechus may Harav Zechariah b' Reb Menachem's neshama have an aliyah. Please feel free to comment and share with your friends!! Composed by: MBD Arranged by: Mordy Weinstein Max Mord Productions Recorded at: Ruli Studios, Brooklyn NY, The Jam Room, Howell NJ Additional Vocals by: Levi Parness Edited and Mix by: Jeff Eames of Eames Audio Cover Design/PR by: Yossi Zweig Please like and share with your friends. Follow Shloime on Social Media for more updates Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
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