Tanya By Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz Sec4 Chap14 “The flow of energy to Israel is dependent on us”

  • A New Tanya class By Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz “The increasing flow of energy to Israel is dependent on our Charity to Israel” Tanya Igeret Hakodesh Chapter 14 The Alter Rebbe set up Colel Chabad in Isreal 2 great Spiritual leaders Reb Mendel Horoduk & Reb Avraham Kalisk went with their students the Alter Rebbe would send funds to support them. Initially everyone was excited to support this great effort after time the excitement dwindled so the Alter Rebbe in the chapter inspires the chasidim to reawaken the old excitement by teaching the spiritual process of the energy flow to Israel. In Israel there shines a very powerful light called קודש העליון which is from חכמה דאצילות that intensifies every year. How do we know that the energy intensifies every year as the verse in Devarim 11, 12 says תמיד עיני ה׳ אלהיך בה מראשית השנה ועד אחרית השנה (now עיני is a reference of חכמה) the question is why does it say that Hashem is there forever? The Alter Rebbe bring a verse Proverbs 3, 19 ה׳ בחכמה יסד ארץ that the foundation of the upper world מלכות דאצילות as well as this world called ארץ חפץ or ארץ החיים stems from חכמה עילאה as the verse in kohelet 7, 12 says החכמה תחיה בעליה that that חכמה in fuses the higher world as well as the world of Israel with its energy. Since this high level of חכמה is connected to the אין סוף so as great as the light that shined the previous year the light can get stronger & stronger. Not only is it stronger it’s actually a whole new level that never existed before. Every Erev Rosh Hashana the energy disappears & goes back to its source in the infinite light. When the חודש מתכסה בו. When we blow the shofar we draw down the new high level of energy. That goes to חכמה than to מלכות. As King David says in psalms 36, 10 כי עמך מקור חיים באורך נראה אור. That the source of life is connected to you & thru that being revealed to us we can see the great light in this world. This process on some level happens every day as well in the morning prayer service that new spiritual lights are revealed to us totally different from the day before. Hence the verse says תמיד עיני ה as חכמה is associated with eyes as the wise people are called the eyes of the community as the Talmud teaches us that the Air of Israel makes you smart as חכמה of אין סוף is shining strong there. Hence from the beginning to the end of the year as every year the energy is concealed & a whole new level is revealed. As we see that the word מרשית is lacking a אלף as the light of Hashem is concealed & than it’s revealed even greater in to the upper ארץ of מלכות דאצילות & the lower ארץ ישראל. This revelation of Rosh Hashana happens thru our work, merit & repentance in the 10 days of Teshuva. So the great revelation is dependent on us doing our work. Live Tanya Class at Chabad Thursday Evening at 5:30P.M. A Project of Chabad Lubavitch of Southwest Florida 5620 Winkler Road Fort Myers, FL 33919 239-433-7708 www.Chabadswf.org Rabbi@chabadswf.org A Special thanks to David Perez for Video Taping the Class
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