Tanya By Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz Sec4 Chap17 The Huge reward for giving Charity & having Compassion

  • A New Tanya class By Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz “The Huge reward for giving Charity & having Compassion” Tanya Igeret Hakodesh Chapter 17 The Alter Rebbe quotes the well known Zohar that when one awakens in his heart the attributes of Chesed & Rachamim to help others we awaken Compassion from the source of compassion to provide us “the fruits in this world & the principle in the world to come” The Alter Rebbe explains the Zohar “The Fruit” is the flow of energy that travels down to this world to bring tangible blessings of Children, Life & Sustenance as well as the light for Gan Eden. “The Principal” The Alter Rebbe explains based on the verse in psalms “רחבה מצותך מאד״ meaning the the Mitzvah that Hashem creates & maintains this world & allows the infinite light of Hashem to penetrate this physical world when the dead will be resurrected thru us creating an awakening by our Chesed as the infinite light will be revealed to all the souls that will be reunited with their bodies & in that state the infinite light will be revealed. As the light that is revealed in gan eden is only from the level of Memaleh as the Talmud says with a Yud the world to come was created (reference to Gan eden) yud is high level of Chochma that level is revealed in our world as the verse in psalms says כלם בחכמה עשית any thing you learn in this world is revealed to you in gan eden. However when the dead will be resurrected the light that will be revealed will be from סובב in other words with out limits. This is the meaning of the Talmud statement that that after the resurrection there won’t be any food or drink just sitting with a crown on their heads as a crown is circular an image of sovev & also the term כתר which is a crown is a intermediary between the infinite & the finite & in the future the infinite will shine in this world. In the future the righteous people will say Kadosh what now is separate will then be revealed. This revelation will specifically be when the soul will reunite with with the body as A. נעוץ תחלתן בסופן דווקא B. סוף מעשה במחשבה תחלה before this happens you have to thru Gan Eden to comprehend the high level of Chochma which is based on Torah & that will revive you. Hence the verse רחבה מצותך מאד as the Mitzvot have the power to create very wide Chanel’s for the infinite light to travel thru at the resurrection that even though we gave a finite amount when Hashem gives its infinite. The beginning of the verse לכל תכלה ראיתי קץ is reference to gan eden that only a finite light will be revealed. So we are constantly climbing with no rest. Until we reach the resurrection & the infinite light will be revealed so we will be in the highest level & we will be able to truly rest. Live Tanya Class at Chabad Thursday Evening at 6:30P.M. A Project of Chabad Lubavitch of Southwest Florida 5620 Winkler Road Fort Myers, FL 33919 239-433-7708 www.Chabadswf.org Rabbi@chabadswf.org A Special thanks to David Perez for Video Taping the Class
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