Matt Dubb - Adama V’shamayim | מאט דאב - אדמה ושמיים #TheMusicVideo

  • About The Music Video... The past few years i’ve been traveling to Uman, Ukraine alongside 30,000+ people to be next to the holy Rabbi Nachmen from Breslov's grave site on Rosh Hashana. During my time there I like to visit the beautiful Sofiyivka Park in Uman. It is told that R’ Nachmen himself used to take walks in the park to meditate on his Torah thoughts and has said that anyone who comes to Uman, Ukraine and doesn’t go visit the park is a wasted trip. The song “Adama V’shamayim” is about the beautiful nature that God has created and how you can feel it in your heart & soul, I figured what better place to shoot this music video..? To my luck Nathan 'Kay' Khafizov from NY Film Production was in Uman for Rosh Hashana as well so it really worked out. About The Ending... I’ve had the privilege the past few years to perform at the inspirational Uman concert that Lazer Scheiner makes happen to bring Simcha & Joy to all of those that travel to be there. This concert is produced by Tzvi Levin from the Pumpidisa Band, the energy at that show is unreal, it is something I wanted to share with you all, hope you all enjoy! Thanks to all that made it happen! Matt Dubb Available for Download; iTunes - Mostly Music - Nigun Music - ALSO AVAILABLE ON; Apple Music, Spotify, GooglePlay, Amazon Store and all other major digital stores. Producer: Matt Dubb Co-Producer: Ruli Ezrachi Music: Matt Dubb Vocals: Matt Dubb Vocal Production / Engineer: Ruli Ezrachi Songwriter: Ammi Lyricist: Shimon Sosah Video Production: NY Film Production ( Produced & Directed by: Nathan 'Kay' Khafizov DP: Max Stepanenkko, Nathan Kay, Shimon Friedman Edited By: Nathan Kay, Jake Kamensky Set Photographer: Andrey Panchenko Special Thanks: Rivka Boroda Lyrics / מילים אדמה ושמים חום האש צליל המים אני מרגיש זאת בגופי ברוחי בנשמתי הייה הייה הייה הייה הייה הייה הייה הוו Follow Matt Dubb on Social Media; Instagram - @djmattdubb - Facebook - Matt Dubb - Twitter - @djmattdubb - Snapchat - djmattdubb Special thanks to NB Stein for making this idea into a reality!
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