Nekudah Tovah - Official Lyric Video

  • Rebbe Nachman of Breslov teaches that by finding the "Nekudah Tovah", the inherent Drop of Goodness, in other Jews, we can actually effect positive change! In addition, the tzaddik teaches that it is imperative to search within ourselves for this bit of untouched purity, innocence, holiness, and wonder in order to strengthen ourselves and continue climbing the ladder of spiritual growth! === FREE DOWNLOAD HERE: Coming soon to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Play, and Google Music! === Special thanks to my wife Shira, for all her support of everything I endeavor, in dream and reality, to accomplish. Credits: Composed and performed by: Yaakov Klein Arrangement and musical production by: Mendy Portnoy Mixed and Mastered by: Ben Wallick Graphic design by: Yaakov Klein === To receive all of R' Yaakov's links and inspirational content to your phone, join our WhatsApp group! (admin-only) To receive R' Yaakov's weekly parsha message, join the Dose of Depth WhatsApp group here! (admin-only) Group #2: Group #3: (To join the Dose of Depth email list, send an email to ==== To hear Yaakov's shiurim in Likutei Moharan and Nefesh HaChaim follow this link: Purchase your copy of R' Yaakov's first book, Sparks from Berditchov, here!…hak/dp/1680253158 === To read more about Yaakov's musical journey and to partner with him in producing unique, authentic, soulful, and meaningful Jewish music, follow this link! === Connect with Yaakov by email: Please remember to like, comment, and subscribe!
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