Hineni Rofeh Lach | הנני רופא לך - Yiddish Nachas live, Shira, Mendy Hershkowitz

  • Hineni, the new hit song that is already touching so many hearts, the song turned out to be a source of Chizzuk and inspiration for so many Choilei Yisroel, composed by the legendary Yossi Green (creator and visionary of Yiddish Nachas) and sung by the Jewish Music king Mordechai Ben David, is now being performed live on stage by the talented Yiddish Nachas live and the Shira choir. Yiddish Nachas live Is conducted by its leader and Director Moshy Kraus Music and arrangements done by Mendy Hershkowitz, originally arranged by Ami Cohen. performed with the amazing band produced by quality entertainment When it comes to such heart-moving songs no one can compete with the pure voices of these sweet children, so when Yiddish Nachas stood up on stage at the Chesed of Williamsburg event for their 1000s of volunteers there was no dry eye in the hall, as the talented kids started singing backed up by Shira and Mendy, watch and see for yourself! To book Yiddish nachas live at you event or Simcha please call 845-662-3136 or email YiddishNachaslive@gmail.com To book the shira choir please call 718-855-7447 __________________________________ כשמדובר בשירה נוגעת ללב, אין מתחרה לקולם הטהור של יידיש נחת. השיר החדש 'הנני' שבוצע במקור ע"י מלך השירה היהודית מרדכי בן דוד והמולחן ע"י יוסי גרין האגדי, היוצר ובעל החזון של 'יידיש נחת' נוגע כל כך בלבבות, וכבר הפך למקור של חיזוק והשראה לכל כך הרבה חולים בישראל צפו ביידיש נחת בהופעתם על הבמהיחד עם מקהלת שירה באירוע ה'ויליאמסבורג חסד'כהצדעה עבור אלפי המתנדבים שלהם עין לא נותרה יבשה באולם __________________________________ Song composed by: Yossi Green Published by: Oh Yeah Music! Originally released by: MBD - Album Tzaakah Music originally arranged by: Ami Cohen Rearranged and directed by: Mendy Hershkowitz Solos: Shimmy Weberman, Shmueli Landau, Yoely Glick, Yossi Weiss, Chaim Lebowitz Yiddish nachas live: directed by Moshy Kraus Adult choir: The shira choir Stage manager: Motty Jay Post production:MK studio Mix and Master: Sonic-Duo productions Video by: Motty Engel Additional video by: Neumann Media
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