Freilach Band Chuppah Series - Achas & Mi Bon (Mona) - Moti Ilowitz, Avrum Chaim Green & Shira Choir

  • Next up in the Freilach Band Chuppah series, where we bring you high-quality videos from some of the magnificent Chuppahs at which Freilach Band performs, is a magnificent chuppa performed live in Ateres Avrohom. Watch Vocalist Moti Ilowitz and child soloist Avrum Chaim Green perform “Achas Shualti” as an emotional ‘walk down’ tune. Then, an inspiring rendition of “Mi Bon Siach.” Achas Shualti, composed by Feivy Mendlowitz was rearranged for this Chuppa by our very own Tzvi Blumenfeld. Mi Bon Siach, composed by R' Yankel Talmud, was arranged by Mona Rosenblum on his album “Di Groise Chasuna.” It was orchestrated for this Chuppah by Tzvi Blumenfeld. Watch, enjoy and don't forget to subscribe so you never miss a Freilach video! Video Credits: Sung by: Moti Illowitz & Child Soloist Avrum Chaim Green Music by: Freilach Band/Avrumi Schreiber Conducted by: Tzvi Blumenfeld Vocals by: Shira Choir Vocals Arranged by: Yoeli Horowitz Mixed by: V-Gold Beat Production Live Sound by: Baba Z. Live production by: JME Live Stage Manager: Motty Jay Video by: Motty Engel Public Relations: Sruly Meyer Press: Pinny Blumenfeld/The Hashtag Group Follow us on social media for the latest Freilach updates: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - To have Freilach Band enhance your event or Simcha: 212-234-2779 Shira Choir: 718-855-SHIRA(7447) Follow Shira Copyright 2017 by Freilach Band - All rights reserved
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