From The James Corden Show to Jerusalem- The Journey of Ari Blau

  • Ari Blau was raised as a non- religious Jew and worked in the Hollywood scene for Jimmy Fallon and John Stewart. He eventually became a writer and producer for James Cordon- helping produce the wildly popular "Carpool Karaoke." But as time went by, Ari began to feel more and more empty and discovered that all the fame and glamour which was his life dream at that point did not bring true happiness at all and just seemed to mess people up. He decided to take a life-changing trip to Israel where he discovered his true inner-self and eventually became a fully observant Jew. In this podcast, Ari will open up about his life journey and what it's like working in Hollywood with big celebrities such as Ellen Degeneres, Tom Hanks, Britney Spears and One Direction. I'm so glad that I got to spend time with such a gem. Ari has so much experience in the Hollywood scene but is so amazingly humble...a rare find!! Thank you Ari for giving up your precious time for this podcast it meant a lot to me!! Ari Blau can be contacted at and loves speaking to groups to give chizuk!! Click here to see our full website !!!! If you would like the Kosher Vids team to film your next video please contact us via! Don't forget to share, like and subscribe above!! Kosher Vids Twitter Kosher Vids Instagram Kosher Vids Facebook
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