Zalman Pollack - Havdalah - Music Video

  • Shavua Tov and Gut Voch! You just finished extinguishing your Havdala candles, bringing an end to the light of Shabbos. Hold onto it for just a few more minutes and enjoy the musical rays of Zalman Pollack. Zalman has been involved with Jewish music forever. From being a child star soloist in the Miami Boys Choir, to performing at many Chuppahs and Shabbos events, Zalman's musical passion shines through in his music. In this Havdala Performance, we see but a small glimpse of how Zalman spreads light and happiness through his beautiful melodies. The renowned R' Shlomo Carlebach, who originally composed this tune, used music to bring happiness to all. He used to say, "The light of Havdala spreads light to the entire world". So sit back, enjoy and then go spread some light! Credits: Performed by Zalman Pollack Check him out on Instagram @zalmanpollack Video Produced & Directed by Sharp Productions Google Play: Apple Music: iTunes: Executive Producer: Chad Kaminetzky Co-Producer: Tzvi Blumenfeld Music Arranged by Tzvi Blumenfeld Guitars: Nachman Dreyer Violin: Gad Pugash Percussion: Golan Kolash Keys and Effects: Tzvi Blumenfeld Choir: Yedidim choir Mix and Technical Production: Chaim Gottesman Blue Rhythm Studios
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